Beautiful Wedding Flip Flops for The Bridal Party

Want to look fabulous and still comfortable on your wedding day. Select one of our Wedding flip flops…. The wedding is a special occasion especially for the bride and bridesmaids. They have to look very attractive and still have to be comfortable, as they have to stand for long hours during wedding ceremony and dance through the evening. It is with these requirements in mind, wedding flip flops are created for bride, bridesmaid and even for bride’s mother. They are available in different themes as per the occasion, and one can select different sandals for each occasion of marriage ceremony, dance and honeymoon etc.

Wedding Flip Flops

Bridal flip flops are necessarily meant for bride, who has to look elegant and still casual and comfortable. The bride has to go through several photographic sessions as well as social greetings session, which requires standing for long hours. Keeping that in mind, bridal flip flops are designed with extra comfort and style. There are wide selection range available today. Bridal flip flops are available in flats and wedge, dazzling white or ivory or in colours to match the dress on different occasion. These flip flops are decorated with ribbons, bow or flower design, rhinestone or Swarovski crystals. These are designed to add glitter to the occasion and still provide comfort.

Brides flip flops can be custom designed with your name monogrammed or with heart shape. They are available for each occasion of wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon. Platform flip flops will keep your gown from dragging on floor. You can select honeymoon flip flops with ‘just married’ on sole leaving imprints on sand, so every one behind will know you are newly married. Your sandals can be made with bride monogrammed also.

Bridal flip flops are very popular and provide comfort and cool feeling throughout the ceremony, reception, especially on dance floor, without causing strain or swelling in feet or legs.

Bridesmaids Flip Flops

Bridesmaids flip flops are equally important, and comes in dazzling shapes and designs. There are also customized to match the colour of bridesmaid dress. You can further give them thank you flip flops or personalized flip flops for bridesmaids to make them feel special.

There are specially crafted flip flops for brides mother and these comes in wide range of designs and decorations ranging from ribbons, bow or flower design, rhinestone or Swarovski crystals.

Apart from white dresses and colour of flip flops, ivory dresses and flip flops are also very much in demand these days. These are also available in wide range of designs and finish, for example- decorated with ribbons, bow or flower design, rhinestone or Swarovski crystals. Then you always have the option of custom designed sandals.


Your wedding day is a memorable day in your life, and you want to enjoy each and every moment of this big
day. High heels and uncomfortable shoes make you tired and irritable, and you may lose some special
moments of your big day. Comfy and trendy wedding flip flops give you the option of looking stylish and
comfortable, so that you can enjoy every special moment with full energy and vigor. Choose from a wide
range available to match each occasion of your ceremony and customize if you want.

Time is now to choose for yourself and bridesmaid and others you want to say thanks. It is one in lifetime
occasion and make it memorable.