Silver: How The Color Can Affect Wedding Shoes And Heels

A moment many will remember in their lifetime is their first wedding, as weddings is a very special occasion that most will love to reflect on. While women are more prone to care about weddings than men, both sexs will have fond memories of dancing with their spouse, picking the wedding cake, and exchanging their vows in front of their family and friends. An important piece of planning a wedding is the choosing of clothing for the wedding, from suits to dresses, this is a high priority step in picking attire for wedding. What few may realize, however, is that shoes arejust as important for weddings as suits and dresses, as shoes can compliment such outfits very well. One of the best colors for shoes is silver, but for those who dont understand why, here is an explanation.

What Makes Silver A Good Choice?

For Men

Silver works as a good choice for many reasons. For one, it is an unique color, one that is not nearly as common as black and white shoes. Chances are, those who decide on silver as the choice of color will be one of a few who attend a wedding with this silver color. For men, silver shoes can bring out their suits, making the outfit pop really well, without overshadowing the groom.

For Women

For women, silver heels does the same effect, but it compliments them, without making the outfit pop. Brides are usually more particular in choosing to be the main attraction for a wedding, so for the women wearing silver heels, it is a good color because it blends well without going up one on the bride. This way, the bride can still remain the focal point, but the other women can look good as well.

In Conclusion

Silver is a naturally attractive color, and it matches well with most dresses and suits. For those who are looking for a good shoe color, and don’t want a typical choice like black or white, silver is a good choice for color. If you are looking to make a good impression on a wedding, check out here.